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Apr 28, 2020 Start Date
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  • Modern Modular On Line Coaching Overview of Courses Designed for Home Study Self Care and For Working Professionals
  • Access on line Health Promotions, Music, Photo and Nutrition Food Galleries with links to valuable resources, courses and events
  • Learn about health from the comfort of home, at your own time and your own time zone and pace with our new Evergreen Webinar Archiving system of course replays and live events
  • Experience the expertise of Bioenergetics Pioneer Dr. Deborah Drake as your Coach to get to the heart of the matter quickly
  • Health Counts Club Hub Membership provides a focal point for resources for the Wise Mind, Health Body, Emotional Wealth and Creative Spirit
  • Students can amass Certified Study Credits towards Certification as an Integrative Health Coach, certified by the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine
  • Join with the league of those wishing to embrace self sufficiency, non invasive medicine, home safety, and modern Bioenergetic methods like Music, Light, Sound, PEMF and Biofeedback, Magnetic Coiling, and Purification methods available to home users and wise clinicians.
  • Contribute to your own health while contributing to society at a time of great need, by becoming an affiliate or Student and Graduate in our Drive for Integrative Health Coaches
Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions.
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Learn from India's leading Data Science faculty and industry leaders
Dr. Deborah Drake
Health Counts Academy Provost and Professor, Clinician, Researcher, Author, Inventor, Musician and Multimedia Marketing Director

Dr. Deborah Drake is an international trainer and expert Stress coach with many degrees in a multidisciplinary background. She now practices in Toronto Ontario as a Bioenergetic Director of the Department of Bioenergetics and an online professor building several online schools for home study and certification of coaches. 

She has many degrees including a P.hD. Bioenergetics, Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Doctor of Humanitarian Services, Doctor of Allopathic Medicine, Diplomate Osteopathic Manual Practice, Certified Biofeedback Specialist and Instructor, Frequency and Light Matrix Therapist, Auricular and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author, International Lecturer on Bioterrain, Bioenergetics, Quantum Biofeedback Matrix Educator, Inventor of software team for BetterGuide Software and AmpCoil Hardware Technical Quality Assurance Adviser, SleepM Sleep Consultant, Executive Member of the Board of Integrative Medicine, Member of the World Organization of Natural Medicine, Musician, Composer, Photographer, Video Producer, On-Line Marketer. She is thrilled to provide the Health Counts Academy for your self-care and professional coaching certification.

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